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Traditional Breeds Fresh Blood Black Pudding Specialist Bacons

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Recommended *****
I didn't think they still made bacon like that!! Sausages are cracking as well.
Graham H
Star Star Star Star Star
Simply the Best.
Never before have I attempted to eat an entire log of Black Pudding until I tried this one. The magical blend...
Jon Gay Cookery School
Star Star Star Star Star
Best ever
Best ever Morcilla, Serve plain with a poached egg for an iron rich brek or, with toasted hazelnuts, burrata a...
Proper Yorkshire Bird
Star Star Star Star Star
Splendid Black Pudding
Had several packs of these last Christmas and plan to do the same again this year. The only trouble is making...
Star Star Star Star Star
Very tasty bacon
I bought a pack of streaky from Porkstock this weekend and made breakfast on Sunday. It was great with a bit o...
Star Star Star Star Star
This Black Pudding is Fantastic. Full of flavour and so Juicy! Not only do our customers love it, but more imp...
Andrew - Chef at Jimmy's Farm
Star Star Star Star Star
Anger turns to pleasure
Well, I saw the tv show and at 70 years of age, having enjoyed black pudding all my life, I could not believe ...
Pete, Nottinghamshire
Star Star Star Star Star
Fresh black pudding
My fresh black pudding arrived today-not disappointed, the best I've tried and I've tried a lot will definitel...
Star Star Star Star Star
I am now a true convert to Real Blood Black Pudding. It is exceptionally tasty, crumbly not fatty and with the...
Star Star Star Star Star
What have I been eating all these years?
Simply the BEST. If you think you like Black Puddings...try the real thing. What have I been eating all these ...
Star Star Star Star Star
Amazing... amazing.... amazing
Nothing compares to this..thank god for Fruit Pig...the king of black pudding...will be back for more and we'r...
The Bennetts
Star Star Star Star Star
In a league of its own
Delicious pudding - best I have tasted in the UK
Star Star Star Star Star
Black pudding bonbon heaven
I have never tasted a black pudding like it fantastic. I've not been a big lover of the black pudding but this...
Star Star Star Star Star
Incredibly good. I usually like my Irish puds, mostly oatmeal, minimal meat taste; but for a traditional crumb...
Mike Walsh
Star Star Star Star Star
White pudding is a revelation
Didn't know white pudding was a thing until we tried in the selection pack. It's really very, very good.
The Mawsons
Star Star Star Star Star
You've got to try this!
Mutton Pancetta - wha? Try it. You won't be disappointed. It adds a bit of pizzazz to many a meal!
Mrs C
Star Star Star Star Star
Black Pudding Nostalgia!
I'd given up buying modern black puddings, as they were universally bland and a pale imitation of he puddings ...
Peter Hargreaves
Star Star Star Star Star
Yeah, proper bacon
We eat this every weekend, old school big breakfast. LCHF. Amazing bacon, my husband eats so much that nitrate...
Star Star Star Star Star
A true Haggis
I bought a haggis from Fruit Pig at North Creake Farmers Market last Saturday (4 Aug 18). I have always liked...
Star Star Star Star Star
Black pudding
Absolutely delicious! I came across Fruit Pig fresh blood black pudding some time ago and was really taken by...
Rod Wheatley
Star Star Star Star Star
Outstanding product and perfect for our Gluten Free range.
This is a fantastic product and so well balanced in flavour that even people who have previously not liked bla...
JT (not the one above)
Star Star Star Star Star
The wee beastie
Despite my Scottish heritage I am only fairly new to the joys of a white dag. I started out with Howie's of Au...
Andrew B
Star Star Star Star Star
Simply the best!
Tried this for the first time recently and instantly regretted not doing so before. 18-year-old son loved it t...
Jeff P
Star Star Star Star Star
Simply the bestest!
Grew up on the various puddings of Yorks/Lancs, some were good but others pretty much going thru the motions. ...
Dave Sammo
Star Star Star Star Star
Black Pudding
This is the king. Sourced eaten raw and cooked. The seasoning is perfect. Won’t find anything better. Th...
Kev Bridger
Star Star Star Star Star
These are excellent black puddings, I have not had better. The taste and quality are unmatched. Please keep ma...
A Starr
Star Star Star Star Star
Super Burns' Supper!
Best haggis I've had, well-seasoned, texture reasonably firm and a strong meaty, almost gamey, flavour. Wasn't...
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Delicious! There is no other
Buyer beware, no other black pudding will do after you try this! The best.
Max Townsend
Star Star Star Star Star
Proper dag how it should be
Irrelevant of the taste of this dag, it is made with real blood, not dried blood which in the most has been im...
Andrew B
Star Star Star Star Star
I purchased a whole stick of black pudding from one of the butcher's you supply, simply astounding. I have bo...
Star Star Star Star Star
This is simply the best black pudding you will ever eat. What more can I say?
Haggis and Confit Lamb Bread Pudding

Haggis and Confit Lamb Bread Pudding

05 February 2020

Haggis and Confit Lamb Bread Pudding

Preperation time: Times various, just start the day before.

Cooking time: Times various, just start the day before.

Serves: 14-16!

1 kg Fruit Pig Haggis
1 x small lamb shoulder bone-in
2 x oaves of shop bought brioche
6 x medium eggs
400ml double cream
4 x large shallots
2 x cloves of garlic
300ml quality red wine jus

For Lamb Marinade:

2 x Star Anise
1 x Cinammon Stick
6 x Cloves
6 x Juniper Berries
200g x Sea Salt
2 x Cloves of Garlic
4 good sprigs of rosemary
4 good sprigs of thyme


Mix lamb marinate ingredients together and blend in a grinder.
Slash lamb shoulder with a sharp knife and rub marinade well in.
Plate lamb and fridge for 6 hours to allow marinade to penetrate.
After, wash lamb shoulder under running water and pat dry.

Pre-heat oven to 100-120 degrees C.

Covered in foil, slow roast for around 8 hours; lamb will flake away from the bone.
Wrap the haggis in foil and place in a tray with 3 cm boiling water. Cook in the oven at 150 degrees C for 1 hour.
Flake the lamb from the bones and break into small shreds.  

Remove the haggis from its casing and mix with the lamb and set aside.
Finley chop the shallots and garlic and soften in a little oil, then add the red wine jus and bring to the boil.
Mix lamb and Haggis with the jus and combine well.

Method for Building the Bread Pudding.
Remove all of the crusts from the brioche loaf and slice length ways into slices 1/2 cm thick.
Line an oven proof dish with parchment paper ensuring you have a second dish the same size that fits inside the first.

Place a layer of brioche on the base ensuring that the slices slightly over lap each other.
Press down the brioche well and ensure there are no gaps.
Spread a thin layer of the lamb and haggis mix so it totally covers the brioche.

Top this with another layer of brioche and repeat the process until there is either 2 or 3 layers of haggis mix and the final layer is Brioche.

Whisk together the eggs and cream and season well, then poor the mix over the top of your stacked brioche.

Using a cocktail stick or a metal skewer stab through the layers repeatedly only tiny holes to help the mix soak through.

Leave to soak in for about 45 minutes in a fridge.

Cover with tin foil and bake at 160 degrees C for around 45 minutes.

Remove the tin foil and increase the oven to 170/180 degrees C and bake again for around 30 minutes or until the layers have souffle-ed up and the top golden brown.

Remove from the oven and place a sheet of parchment paper directly onto of the pudding.

Place your second matching tray on top and press down firmly.

Leave to cool on the side for around an hour and then transfer to the fridge to cool & press over night.

The next day you will have a beautiful compact cake.


Remove the edges and cut into portions.

To serve bake at 180 degrees C for around 20 minutes depending on the size that the portions are cut.

The pudding will puff up and be light and soft to the touch.

Serve with your favourite simple clean veg and a jus....or sauteed wild mushrooms, mushroom puree and fresh black truffles as in the picture!!

Fruit Pig Haggis

Fruit Pig Haggis

Hearty, traditional Fruit Pig Haggis - not just for Burns Night!

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